I’ve had “Part 2 of Holy Yoga Retreat” on my to-do list all summer long! And I just haven’t been able to do it! I reread my notes from the week and remember what an amazing experience it was – but then never felt my words were even close to adequate in sharing what I […]

It’s embarrassing really…

I don’t want to word vomit on y’all here, but wow – it’s been a month since Holy Yoga Retreat – and it was SO, SO rich and powerful that I just have to share. I’ve been sitting on my experience for a bit because I really wanted to process and internalize the moments before trying […]

My Holy Yoga Retreat Recap – Part 1 (of ?)

I know I’ve already written here a bit about the car accident I was involved in 6 weeks ago, but I had the opportunity to share my testimony with our church recently and wanted to share it here as well. (*I ended up having to rerecord this audio file, so it’s not the live version […]

My Post-Car-Accident Testimony

Do you remember the fabulous Truth in the Tinsel book from Christmas? Well, the great Amanda White has taken the story of Easter and given us 12 days of amazing sensory activities and truths to share with our kids for this holiday as well! It’s so good! From how to talk about the Scriptures, to […]

Sense of the Resurrection + Extra Exercises: 2016

In my last post, I laid out the introduction to my revelation that I need to – and I CAN – be free from fear – also known as anxiety. (Be sure you go back and read the beginning if you missed it earlier…) Being in the grips of worry for so long, I’ve never really believed […]

Freedom from Fear

fear is not faith 1
Do you ever have that moment where you recognize something big is happening, a pivotal moment in your life is about to occur, but it’s so crazy you can’t do anything about it but weep? (It’s about to get interesting here, my friends…)   As I mentioned before, I knew Holy Yoga Instructor training was […]

Sunday’s Revelations

finish line road sky clouds
So, was “Run a 5K” on your list of goals for last year? Did you accomplish that? If so… where do you go from here now that race is over? As we wrap up our running series and start a new year, consider the question – What’s next? … Immediately after I finished my first […]

When the Race is Over…

nourish new year's resolution 1
So it’s a pretty common thing to do at the beginning of every year… Have you chosen one word for 2016 yet? I actually discovered mine a couple weeks ago…   Last year, my word was “flourish.” Brought me back to my college days where Knox’s motto was “Freedom to Flourish.” Our homeschool adventure was just beginning. […]

My One Word for 2016

It’s almost January! (Yay for clean slates, fresh starts and New Year’s Resolutions!)   But, are you being tempted to buy into some gimmicky, quick fix fitness fad? I certainly don’t intend to sound negative, but if something promises miraculous results without effort on your part, it really is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.   As […]

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail…