In my last post, I laid out the introduction to my revelation that I need to – and I CAN – be free from fear – also known as anxiety. (Be sure you go back and read the beginning if you missed it earlier…) Being in the grips of worry for so long, I’ve never really believed […]

Freedom from Fear

fear is not faith 1
Do you ever have that moment where you recognize something big is happening, a pivotal moment in your life is about to occur, but it’s so crazy you can’t do anything about it but weep? (It’s about to get interesting here, my friends…)   As I mentioned before, I knew Holy Yoga Instructor training was […]

Sunday’s Revelations

So I had planned on writing some helpful, informative post on the nutritional aspects of coconut oil, or the benefits of lemon water… but I think I’m going to have to be a bit selfish here and sort through some personal thoughts.  (which may mean lots of ellipses and parenthetical thoughts – I’ll apologize in […]

Peace, Purpose, and Periscope

So I’m a little torn… Conflicted… Last week I wrote a bit about personal development. Always growing. Always learning. (I’ll be starting Chalene Johnson’s FREE 30 Day Push video series TODAY if you want to go through it together.) But there’s that word. Push. How do we know when we’re going too far and we’re “pushing” […]


Ready to grow? Not in terms or weight or inches of course, but as a person. As a learning, always-developing, human being. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed since beginning this blogging and coaching journey, is the difference that the importance and focus on personal development has made in my life.   First 5 […]

Want to Grow with Me? (And a Confession…)

Do you ever feel like you’re bursting at the seams with ideas and simply don’t have enough time to implement everything you’re dreaming about?   I’m certain I’m not the only one.   Last week, after returning from our week-long vacation in Illinois and then the Beachbody event in Nashville, I didn’t post anything here. […]

Am I Here?

I’ve shared this story before, but I realized recent readers may not have seen it. Combine the reflections of EFF’s one year anniversary with the nostalgia of visiting back home this week, and I’m convinced I need to post it again…   Most certainly one of the defining moments of my life … as FINS was born, […]

This All Started with a Silly Little Doughnut