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nourish new year's resolution 1
So it’s a pretty common thing to do at the beginning of every year… Have you chosen one word for 2016 yet? I actually discovered mine a couple weeks ago…   Last year, my word was “flourish.” Brought me back to my college days where Knox’s motto was “Freedom to Flourish.” Our homeschool adventure was just beginning. […]

My One Word for 2016

So this isn’t directly fitness or faith-based necessarily, but I do feel that what we wear is under-the-surface, deeply rooted in how we feel about our bodies and what we think about our role as Christ-followers. So just go with me… Consider this… Are you stressed when clothes don’t fit?  And that causes you to […]

New Stitch Fix Alternative – Natalie Attired

I’ve shared this story before, but I realized recent readers may not have seen it. Combine the reflections of EFF’s one year anniversary with the nostalgia of visiting back home this week, and I’m convinced I need to post it again…   Most certainly one of the defining moments of my life … as FINS was born, […]

This All Started with a Silly Little Doughnut

Sad. Frustrated. Disappointed. Those are all emotions. Ways we can FEEL.   However, “fat” is not a feeling.   I cringe every time I hear someone say “I feel fat.” No – not really… You are frustrated at the way your body LOOKS, but fat is not a feeling.   I’m not sure where that […]

Fat is Not a Feeling

Mom and Me
I write. I pause. I write. I erase. Not sure if I will have the courage to actually post this or not… but I continue to write. I know many of you are recently new readers here, so I’m hesitant to bare my soul in such a way… although this story is actually easier to […]

My Most Vulnerable Post to Date

Strong is the new skinny 4
Earlier, I mentioned adjectives that describe your body. (I promise I won’t turn all fifth-grade-teacher on you too often, but as our English textbooks would have said, “an adjective is a word that modifies a noun or a pronoun…”) As the Body Image Movement has shown, when asked to describe their bodies in one word, most […]

Adjectives for the Body

Content looking in mirror. Wonderfully made!
As I mentioned before, I don’t want to be hypocritical – I truly believe that we should exercise and eat well (and I plan on sharing some tips for doing just that here in the future. I realize much of this is loaded with background right now. I promise we’ll get to the practical stuff […]

Wonderfully Made