It’s almost January! (Yay for clean slates, fresh starts and New Year’s Resolutions!)   But, are you being tempted to buy into some gimmicky, quick fix fitness fad? I certainly don’t intend to sound negative, but if something promises miraculous results without effort on your part, it really is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.   As […]

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail…

40# Zaycon Chicken Breasts
Yes, I said 40 POUNDS of chicken breasts! That, my friends, is some serious meal prep! Twice a year, I order a case of gigantic, juicy chicken breasts from Zaycon (seriously, the best chicken we’ve ever had!). It’s one of the strangest things though – after ordering online, we wait for the day and exact […]

Coaching and 40 pounds of Chicken Breasts