I know I’ve already written here a bit about the car accident I was involved in 6 weeks ago, but I had the opportunity to share my testimony with our church recently and wanted to share it here as well. (*I ended up having to rerecord this audio file, so it’s not the live version […]

My Post-Car-Accident Testimony

Truth in the Tinsel Active Advent Signup Image
As many of you know, we are dealing with the tragic loss of my husband’s best friend, so I’m laying low on social media this week. But I know the world keeps spinning for everyone else, and Advent is almost here! So – here’s a repost of my announcement from last year’s inaugural “Active Advent” […]

Active Advent 2015

It’s no surprise that I need a little more relaxation in my life! (Who doesn’t, right?) I’ve mentioned before that I’m a worrier by nature. And, you may recall, I recently wrote about how anxiety and I are unfortunately close friends (especially when it comes to pregnancy). But, if you saw my Facebook post earlier, I’ve […]

Reason for the Relaxation Audio

It’s a game show. With letters and puzzles and a colorful spinning wheel full of monetary values and prizes. But to my family, it’s really so much more! To us, Wheel of Fortune is an amazing representation of God’s providence in our lives. Really, it is!  Hopefully you have a minute – it’s not my shortest […]

Wheel of Fortune – Really?

Yes, sleeping in a closet really does play an important role in my faith-shaping testimony (and I’ll get to that in a moment…)   But first, I just have to say, I LOVE the way Christian music speaks to me. I remember “finding” a Christian radio station by surprise one Saturday morning while cleaning my room […]

Christian Music and Sleeping in a Closet

Come to Me all who are weary… Find a little rest.
Yes. Rest. While I’m all for working up a good sweat during a workout, I’m also a huge fan of RESTING!   In terms of strength training, it’s vital for your muscles to have 48 hours to repair themselves in order to avoid overuse injuries. Just like muscles, we grow best when we have time […]

Find a Little Rest