I don’t want to word vomit on y’all here, but wow – it’s been a month since Holy Yoga Retreat – and it was SO, SO rich and powerful that I just have to share. I’ve been sitting on my experience for a bit because I really wanted to process and internalize the moments before trying […]

My Holy Yoga Retreat Recap – Part 1 (of ?)

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So now that you are a little more familiar with BodyFlow in general, here’s my (rather lengthy) personal BodyFlow story… During the 08-09 school year, we lived here in North Carolina for my husband’s fellowship. I had taken a leave of absence from teaching 5th grade, and just worked part time jobs at a church […]

My Background in BodyFlow

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If you read the previous two posts, “Can Christians Practice Yoga?” Part 1 and Part 2, you know I’m a big fan of yoga. However, my experience with it does not typically take place in your traditional yoga classes. Sure, I’ve taken a couple hot yoga classes when they worked into my schedule (which is […]

What is BodyFlow?

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Part 1 of “Can Christians Practice Yoga?” concluded with “Namaste,” a word commonly used at the end of a yoga class. I know many people (myself included) have felt uncomfortable repeating that word, unsure of its meaning. Most simply translated, it means “bow me you.” But that just sounds funny. Basically, it’s saying I bow […]

Can Christians Practice Yoga? Part 2

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Did you even know the question – can Christians practice yoga? – was such a controversial topic? When our first FINS group was planning a trip to a yoga class, I was surprised when one mom refused to let her daughter participate because it was against their beliefs. [Before we go any farther, let me […]

Can Christians Practice Yoga?