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How do you define fitness? To me, it’s more than just exercise. It’s the overlapping pieces of eating well, exercising (to the point of sweating), sleeping, enjoying leisure activities, meditating/resting, and encouraging a healthy environment.

Enter the rainbow-flower/cross-stem icon…the rainbow fitness flower. Each circle represents one of these areas that contributes to a person’s overall fitness.

The resulting colorful flower is then supported and grows because of the cross. And, the bold rainbow color reminds us of the hope God promised ever since that very first rainbow with Noah.

To break this down a bit more (in very generalized basics that will vary depending on each individual’s history, preferences, and needs):

The Fitness Flower: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Leisure, Meditation, Environment

The Fitness Flower: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Leisure, Meditation, Environment

  1. Nutrition: Eat real, unprocessed foods, lots of vegetables, plenty of fruits, as well as whole-grains, lean meats, and small amounts of healthy fats from avocados, coconut oil, etc.
  2. Exercise: 20-30 min of cardio 5 days/week. Additional 20 min of strength training 3 days/week.
  3. Sleep: 8-9 uninterrupted hours during the dark hours of night.
  4. Leisure: schedule time to enjoy activities that bring you happiness and refreshment
  5. Rest: 2 days/week (at minimum) be still for at least 10 minutes to focus and meditate.
  6. Environment: promote a healthy home environment (toxins, hazards, stress)

Then – all of these areas flourish when you find yourself rooted in the love of Jesus.  You never have to pluck the petals off one by one chanting, “He loves me…He loves me not…” He created you; HE LOVES YOU! He wants you to take care of what you’ve been given.

Stay tuned – we’ll be digging deeper into each petal of the rainbow fitness flower. If you have any questions regarding any of the petals, just let me know. I’d love to answer them in future posts.

For now, which petal do you struggle with the most? Which one seems to be the easiest for you?

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