Holy Yoga Intro Videos

Welcome to Holy Yoga! I’d love to introduce you to one of my biggest passions – combining faith and fitness. Literally in the action. Worshipping our maker on our mats. The beauty that is Holy Yoga.


And, I wanted to give you a chance to hear the heart of the founder of this movement, Brooke Boon, as well as provide you with some informational posture breakdown videos in case you’re not sure how to do some of the more common poses.


Brooke Boon image quote


These videos (which were filmed in 2014 in connection with a “Back to the Basics” campaign through Holy Yoga) will hopefully give you a good look into the heart of Holy Yoga.

If you ever have any questions about it, please feel free to reach out to me!

And if you’re local, I hope to see you sometime soon!




Focused Breathing

Victorious Breathing




High to Low Push-Up


Side Arm Plank


God is Pleased Message

Small Things Message