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Worry makes it seem God is unreliableIt’s no surprise that I need a little more relaxation in my life! (Who doesn’t, right?)

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a worrier by nature. And, you may recall, I recently wrote about how anxiety and I are unfortunately close friends (especially when it comes to pregnancy).

But, if you saw my Facebook post earlier, I’ve realized that “Worry makes it seem like God is unreliable.” That’s not a message I believe, nor one I want to promote.


My overactive imagination is pretty unbelievable really…

*If the oval-shaped doorknobs at my parents’ house weren’t precisely in the vertical position, I was convinced someone was hiding in the closet.

*Three times I was certain our house was being broken into – all in the middle of the night – (and I actually called the police twice!)

  1. A metal shelving unit fell off the wall crashing onto our washing machine.
  2. The magnets from a large dry erase board came unglued and broke the glass bottles for recycling sitting underneath.
  3. Our security system went off, alerting us the basement window had been opened (false alarm due to a malfunctioning sensor)

*And there are many more, but I think you get the picture… My mind will run away if I let it!


So one of the ways I’m trying to decrease my own worrying is finding 10 minutes a day to be still.

To focus.

To meditate.

To pray.

I previously wrote about the benefits of meditation and rest – but now, I want to give you a gift that might help you actually put that into practice:


A FREE, 10-minute Relaxation Audio Download


This has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, and I finally figured out a way to make it happen! Now, I’ll admit, it’s definitely much better live and in person at a Flow class, but for my first attempt, I’m pretty pleased.

(Next time, I’m hoping to partner with a local musician for the background music… if you know of anyone who might be a good fit, let me know!)


When you sign up to receive the audio, a few other freebies will be making their way to your inbox over the coming week as well. If you’d rather be surprised, skip ahead a bit…

If you’re like me and would rather just know… If you sign up for the audio, you can expect to find in your inboxes over the coming week these top tips as well:

* 5 Ways Anxiety/Worry Affects Negatively Affects Your Health

* 6 Ways to Deal with Anxiety/Worry

* 12 Bible Verses about Worry

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I pray these tools will help you find a little more peace and calm to our often worried and anxious hearts.


I need to let my mind settle solely on His promises and His truths – because who knows what else I’ll imagine happening if I don’t!


If you know someone else who might need a little more relaxation in their life, I’d love for you to share this page with them as well!

There’s no need to wander this world full of worry.


Live well – Love life!






3 thoughts on “Reason for the Relaxation Audio

  • Amy Moehle

    I loved this post! I often joke that I should’ve married a doctor. 🙂 I’ve always been a worrier and in my early to mid twenties it turned to anxiety attacks. I’ve often thought for sure I was having a stroke or heart attack! Physical symptoms plagued me for years. I often turn to Bible verses and I have frequent chats with God about it. Since anxiety is my close friend also I think we need to trek to NC to see you guys again! We can let our boys hang out and you and I could swap stories! I’m sure we could write a book!! Thanks for sharing and showing God in everything you do! Amy

    • EFF Post author

      Oh my gosh, Amy, I totally understand! Yes, come back and we can laugh at each other’s craziness! 🙂

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