Reflections on the One-Year Anniversary of Everyday Faith and Fitness

So it’s been one year since I began this blogging adventure – and already it’s turning out so different than I had imagined!

At first, I thought I’d post on MWF one week and then T/Th the next, just to cover every day of the week without blogging every day. Ha! Now, I’m lucky to get one post done by Monday morning! I love writing, but perfecting the blogging process is more time consuming than I anticipated.

Knock on wood, I haven’t had any MAJOR technology disasters, but definitely more glitches than I knew what to do with along the way! Thank goodness for YouTube and a really helpful support team at BlueHost!

Everyday Faith and Fitness logo


Melissa Image Headshot photoFrom a spinning web of connections through a blogging course I took, I became a guest blogger for Melissa at Fresh Faith Bites – which allowed me to write specifically about strength training from a Christian perspective. (And now, interestingly, because of those relationships, my friend, Angel, is a contributing writer to another connected site, Lambs of the Lord. Check it out for great daily children’s devotionals!)


While I learned a lot about selling advertising on your blog in that class, that’s just not really me. I didn’t want my page to turn into a mess of random commercials.


On occasion, when I do find something I love, I’m more than happy to share it with you as an affiliate – but that’s just because I really do love it that much! Like the Vitamix. Or Truth in the Tinsel. Or the Ultimate Homemaking Bundles.




EFF Fall Challenge Image MINIIn the fall, we hosted the first Everyday Faith and Fitness Challenge group – which involved over 40 women working out in their own homes and connecting with each other and the Word through a private Facebook group. It seemed to be a success – but there were definitely some shortcomings, (such as the need for modifications, full-length workout videos, a full meal plan, etc).



And that was when God opened the door – for the *third* time – to become a coach with the company that makes P90X, 21 Day Fix, PiYo, Shakeology, etc. I connected with the founder of Cross Training Couture, the company that makes Scripture-based workout clothes, and knew that as a pastor’s wife with a seminary degree herself, this was an amazing opportunity to get connected with a team of people who love Jesus and fitness as much as I do!


This “system” (meaning, professionally created DVDs with the option to constantly view the modifier, complete nutrition guides, plus superfood-rich, nothing-gross Shakeology) is a million times more effective than what I’d tried to create by myself…And again, it’s honestly something I just want to share with you because I love it so much – and I’m seeing most impressive results in my groups month after month!

I realized I was NOT telling people about Shakeology for fear of seeming “sales-y”… and that just made me feel guilty. Why in the world would I keep something so awesome from my friends? 

I LOVE getting to cheer people on, encourage them through the struggles, celebrate their successes and answer their questions. I had no idea this type of change and even personal development would occur simply from me deciding to start a little blog last summer! I mean…I now own my own business! I reach out to people more than my introverted self ever has before!


Help Wanted!

But here’s where I need your input!

I posted this image on Facebook this weekend.

Lighthouses stand shining

I started this venture with the hope of providing fitness tips and Bible-based inspiration for both your body and your soul. I’ve recently adapted this tagline ever so slightly — because really, due to my season of life, I’m focused on the weary mom who needs peace and simplicity (because that’s me!)


But I just wonder…

Am I shining light? Am I helping people? 

I blog once a week – (and it generates few comments).

I send out a newsletter once a month – (and less than 25% open it).

I post on FB once a day – (and less than 10% of the audience sees it).


Is that too much “running around”? I want to be a lighthouse. 


Team LifeLighters stars no BBI even named my own growing team of coaches, Team Life Lighters – simply because I want us to be a light in others’ lives… in terms of exercising, eating, evangelizing, and encouraging.

I don’t want that to be interpreted as complaining. I’m just crunching numbers….As I mentioned, I’m weary too.

I don’t have time to comment on blog posts.

I don’t have time to read newsletters.

So I know, realistically, you don’t either!

(I d0 try to at least hit like as I’m quickly scrolling through social media as my way of showing support to friends and fellow bloggers. That at least increases the Facebook odds someone else will see it too…)

But I want to help people looking for direction and guidance in the world of fitness.

And I want to encourage women to recognize “body stewardship” – taking care of the Earth-suit God provided for you.

I’m just not sure how to do that most effectively…


Should I focus more on one area over the others? Should I repeat more content across the mediums? Do I clean up my Pinterest page and make it more user friendly for Everyday Faith and Fitness purposes? Do I commit more to Instagram?


What do you all think?


My heart is simply to help people “Live Well – Love Life.”

How can I help you do that best?