Sense of the Resurrection + Extra Exercises! 3

sense of the resurrection mediumOh, friends! Do you remember the fabulous Truth in the Tinsel book from Christmas? Well, the great Amanda White has taken the story of Easter and given us 12 days of amazing sensory activities and truths to share with our kids for this holiday as well!

It’s so good! From how to talk about the Scriptures, to activities for all of the senses, to printable flags if you want to keep it simple and just color — this book is fantastic (for kids of all ages!)

If you don’t have a copy of the eBook yet, you can buy Sense of the Resurrection here. (Yes, this is an affiliate link, but I would absolutely recommend this book even if I didn’t make a dime from it!)


Here’s Amanda walking you through the book a bit if you need a little more convincing (watch this, but be sure you KEEP READING …. there’s a FREE GIFT below!)



Now, you all know me… the crafty bones in my body are a little brittle (but I do have to say, I’m feeling pretty confident with this collection of activities – They’re not all “crafts”! Plus, I can always print and color paper flags!)

But I always love a little kinesthetic activity to bolster learning! (Side note: For those of you who participated in the Active Advent exercises that coordinated with Amanda’s Truth in the Tinsel book, I wanted to share that several times already in just the three months since Christmas, my son has done Shoulder Presses while saying, “Wonderful Counselor! Mighty God! Everlasting Father! Prince of Peace!”)

Tell me exercise and learning don’t go hand in hand!

And, because this type of Bible-based learning is the most important thing I want my children to do, I’ve created a chart of extra exercises to coordinate with each activity again.


Extra Exercises for Sense of the Resurrection 


You can do the activities at your own pace, but our family will be starting next Monday, March 23.  Buy your book (it’s only $7.99!), then download the chart, and let’s enjoy experiencing the real focus of Easter. I’ll be posting some quick videos each day. Feel free to do the same and hashtag all of your fun #senseoftheresurrection.


As always, let me know if you have any questions! Praying both the book and the exercises will be a blessing to you and yours!


Happy Easter!


3 thoughts on “Sense of the Resurrection + Extra Exercises!

  • ohAmanda

    I just wanted to say (again) thank you so much for these. My kids have TOTALLY loved them and it SO goes along w/Sense of the Resurrection–using our whole bodies and all our senses to experience and meditate on Him. THANK YOU!


    • EFF Post author

      Yay! So glad they enjoyed – and yes, everything just seemed to go together so well this year. The very first thing Hayden wanted to do every single morning was the Sense of the Resurrection activities. Love it!

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