This All Started with a Silly Little Doughnut 1

I’ve shared this story before, but I realized recent readers may not have seen it. Combine the reflections of EFF’s one year anniversary with the nostalgia of visiting back home this week, and I’m convinced I need to post it again…


Most certainly one of the defining moments of my life … as FINS was born, and eventually the impetus for EFF as well…

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This all started with a silly little doughnut.

When I was teaching elementary school, I was appalled at the comments and confused conversations of these young 9 and 10-year-old girls. I can specifically remember the moment I knew I wanted to do something to help these girls understand more about body image and fitness.

A student returned to our classroom elated that one of her former teachers actually accepted a birthday doughnut from her because the teacher “FINALLY wasn’t on a diet!”

They had witnessed an entire year of this woman, who in their eyes was “skinny,” continually turn down birthday treats from students because she was on a diet. They didn’t understand why she was “dieting” because she was certainly not overweight.

Plus, add to the confusion the fact that several times a week she would come back from her fast food lunch with a super size soda in hand and these poor girls were all sorts of confused when it came to “dieting” and body image.

(*Please know that I am definitely not criticizing this teacher either – it’s just an example of how many women are unhappy and confused about their own bodies and how to eat healthy as a lifestyle not a “diet”).

For that reason, I started a group we called F.I.N.S. It stood for Fitness, (Body)Image, Nutrition, and Self-Esteem. In its initial years, we met for lunch once a month for conversation and then took field trips highlighting various fitness experiences around the community (yoga, boot camp, dance, self-defense, etc.).

One of the most powerful concepts we discussed was the technological advances of photo shoots and magazine covers. I can never watch this DOVE Evolution video enough. It’s totally worth your 1 minute 14 seconds.


Listen, it’s YOUR body.

Regardless of what’s pictured on magazine covers.

Regardless of what society says is ideal.

YOU are in charge of YOUR body – and how you feel about it. One of my favorite movie lines comes from “Junebug”:

God loves you just the way you are. But He loves you too much to let you stay that way.

If you have been neglecting your health, I encourage you to change your path today.

As humans, we’ve been given the ability to make informed decisions. If you know you’re ready to make some change, but not sure how, let’s connect! I’d love to help you take the first steps to becoming a healthier, fitter you.

And, (unfortunately, yes), it may involve saying no to those doughnuts.

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  • Jeannette

    You said ‘If you know you’re ready to make some changes, but not sure how,let’s connect!’ So, here, I am; I’m ready!

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