When the Race is Over…

So, was “Run a 5K” on your list of goals for last year? Did you accomplish that? If so… where do you go from here now that race is over? As we wrap up our running series and start a new year, consider the question – What’s next? …

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Immediately after I finished my first marathon, my husband was inspired and started talking about options for the next race. Meanwhile, I was stretched out in a back seat, convinced I never wanted to run! Never. Ever. Again!

I’m not sure where you are… If you’ve been bitten by the running bug and are busy planning your next event,

or, if you’re still taking it in and considering the journey behind you,

or, if you haven’t taken the leap yet but are thinking about it for next year!

Either way, I do want you to consider something: Running one race is not the be-all-end-all. Running is one avenue of living a healthy life (and if you hated it, know that there are other options; if you loved it, know that this is just the beginning!)
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Maybe your race isn’t over at all… Maybe it’s just beginning! 


Live well – Love life!

p.s. If you want some clever ideas for what to do with those race bibs (and maybe even medals!)… check out my Pinterest board.