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Look how short my hair was when I started this!

It’s “everyday,” as in simple, real, authentic…

I’m far from perfect and I love sharing everyday, household, organizational, teaching/learning tips (in addition to matters related to faith and fitness!)

My real life? Our sons’ favorite lunch is Chef BoyRDee’s ABCs and 123s (at least it’s whole-grain, right?) And I love the concept of clean eating, but really, two bites of sweet potatoes is all the carbs I get? Nope, not there yet. Maybe never will be. And I’m ok with that.

But we are known to be the family who {almost} ALWAYS brings a fruit or a vegetable to a potluck and I’m frequently questioned about the contents of the {strange} smoothie I drink.


But it’s also “every day.” Your daily decisions in what you eat and how you move (or choose not to) all affect your overall health and wellness. We need to train our minds to consider that this whole fitness thing is just a series of decisions we make every day.

cross sunsetIn the same way, I want my faith to be such a part of my life that you see it every day.

And, at the same time, I hope you see here evidence of an “everyday” faith as well. Real. Authentic. Not just going to church on Sunday to check it off the list, but relationship with a God who loves us beyond all understanding.


It seems that everything you do, every decision you make, reflects who you are. And, much of that is tied to your faith. I believe heaven awaits because Jesus died for our sins.


I understand that not everyone who reads this will necessarily agree, and I respect that. But I want this site to reflect who I am. I felt led to begin this process as a way to share the way I see faith and fitness connecting throughout my own life. So naturally, there will be a little bit of both all along the way.


Irregardless of your stance on faith, I do hope you feel sincerely welcome here. Fitness is for everyone – (and, well, honestly, so is Jesus. But I totally understand that some people may not be there yet. Perhaps this is planting [or watering] a few seeds. Just be open to His nudging. He wants you to know Him – to REALLY know Him – He loves you that much.)


My mission:

To provide fitness tips and Bible-based encouragement for moms needing peace and simplicity.

If nothing else, I want you to find a little peace here.

In who you are.

In how your body looks.

In the big picture of life.

A Gift for You:


And if you need a little help finding that peace, here’s a little free gift from me to you:

A 10-minute Relaxation Audio 

Close your eyes, breathe, relax, and enjoy.
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My Fitness Philosophy:

I want you to know that God created each of us uniquely on purpose. He did not make a mistake when He made you.

As a fitness professional, I want to provide you with tools and encouragement to take care of your body in the best way possible, given your season of life. Just trying to keep it real, and respect the one thing God gave to you – and only you – your body.

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While we are “wonderfully made,” it’s our responsibility to care for these temporary Earth-suits as best as we can. And that’s where I love to help!

I firmly believe exercise and eating well should not be about numbers on a scale, but about being physically able to do all that we are called to do.

If your goal is to showcase six-pack abs, I’m probably not the coach for you. But if you want an “everyday” approach to healthy living from the perspective that reflects respect to our Creator, I’d love to chat.

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Thanks so much for stopping by Everyday Faith and Fitness. I look forward to getting to know you more!


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