Wonderfully Made

As I mentioned before, I don’t want to be hypocritical – I truly believe that we should exercise and eat well (and I plan on sharing some tips for doing just that here in the future. I realize much of this is loaded with background right now. I promise we’ll get to the practical stuff – just stick with me).

But for now, clear the way folks, I’m dragging my soapbox up to the front here.

One of the biggest motivations for me starting this site was for the opportunity to help people consider how they view their own bodies.

I know it is a result of years and years of critical commentary from anyone and everyone, but could we, for just one moment, stop criticizing ourselves when we look in the mirror? It saddens me beyond words when people have nothing but negative comments to say about their own physicality. “My butt is too big”; “That roll around my middle won’t go away”; “What is up with that flab on the underside of my arm when I wave?”

We never seem to be happy with the way our body looks. Isn’t it exhausting always searching for perfection? But guess what? You don’t have to! Just let it go (cue Frozen theme song singing).

As you’ve heard plenty of times I’m sure, today’s media has taken a toll on (women’s, in particular) body image. If you could describe your own body in one word, what would it be? Would it surprise you that the most common answer is “disgusting.” (Body Image Project blog). How disheartening!

And not only does this negative message affect our own self-esteem, it trickles down to the young ones around us. A dear friend of mine, upon getting dressed each morning, would turn to look at her back side in the mirror and make a disgusted face, frustrated by what she saw. At the very earliest age of three, when her daughter was first able to dress herself, the little girl finished her dressing routine with the same turn and grimace. Thankfully, she was just mimicking mommy at that point without true understanding of the emotions – but obviously it doesn’t take long for them to learn.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s obviously a difference between boasting about oneself with haughty pride and simply accepting and loving your body because that’s the way it was made. I know it’s hard, but hopefully with time the negative chatter will start to fade and you can find peace with yourself.

God created each of us in His image, but we obviously aren’t all from the same cookie cutter. Our bodies are unique – on purpose. There is not one ideal body that we are all striving to achieve. We are simply working to make the best with what we’ve been given.

Or, perhaps consider it this way… How much time do you spend sadly staring at yourself in the mirror? Annoyed about that one body part that you’d like to change (or the several?) Trying to get your hair and your makeup and your outfit to look just so? Is all of this angst and frustration really even worth your time?

We are only here for such a short, short time. I hope you spend your minutes and your hours laughing with those you love and helping those who hurt, not lamenting about the extra inch on your waist or the pounds on the scale. It’s not like you arrive at a better part of heaven if you have a “better” body.

Psalm 139:14 says that we are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made. I was made with “child-bearing hips” as my husband said (long before we ever had children) – that’s just the way it is. Those bones stick out disproportionately wider than my ribs. There’s not a whole lot I can do about it. And I’m glad I was. I’ve got two beautiful boys (both born naturally without drugs) because of them. 🙂

Sometimes we need to accept features of our bodies, but there are times when we know we don’t FEEL our best because we have made UNHEALTHY choices – which, in my opinion is completely different. Being frustrated with your choices is different than being upset at your body. If you want to talk about making better health decisions, let me know. I’d love to help!

Content looking in mirror. Wonderfully made!

Be content with what you see when you look in the mirror. YOU are wonderfully made!

In the meantime, can I challenge you today with two options?

A) IF you look in the mirror at all, just repeat to yourself, “I am wonderfully made” and then go about your day. Don’t dwell on what you see. Don’t waste your time there. Just repeat…”I am wonderfully made.”

B) Skip looking in a mirror altogether and move right ahead to the step where you remind yourself, “I am wonderfully made.” Then that’s it. Carry on and have a great day.
You can blame me if (because you didn’t look in a mirror) you have lipstick on your teeth, or your shirt is inside out, or something goofy like that, {smile}.